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Kristina’s dynamic and engaging presentations have inspired audiences across the country. Her personal experiences with overcoming obstacles, lessons learned, and insightful guidance help her relate to a wide variety of audiences. Her “real” presentation style helps people know they’re not alone and inspires them to positive change in their own lives. 

Kristina has worked with audiences nationwide, serving a variety of age groups and demographics. From high schools and colleges to businesses and nonprofits, Kristina has developed presentations that have motivated, inspired, and instructed a multitude of people. 

Presentation Topics:

Writing Your Story: How to Overcome Challenges and Build Your Best Life

In this presentation, Kristina shares her story of overcoming challenges and the strategies she used to presevere. This presentation encourages listeners to take ownership of their stories and use their struggles to propel them forward. Kristina goes step-by-step through tools and strategies to tackle anything standing in their way and create the life of their dreams.

Winning with Money: The “Must-Knows” For a Successful Life

This is an entertaining, jam-packed presentation that gives audience members a powerful overview of important money principles. Kristina takes what some would deem as dry information and makes it relatable, engaging, and easy to implement. It includes topics like budgeting, saving, earning, and planning for the future, and it can be customized to your audience.

Standing Out: Creating Your Own Formula for Success 

Students will learn that you don’t have to be perfect to win scholarships and succeed in life. They just need to know how to highlight their unique qualities and stand out. Kristina shares the methods that helped her make a winning impression on scholarship judges despite personal hardships and less-than-stellar academics. She equips students with the tools and the mindset to develop their own path to success.

Vision Casting: Thinking about the Future 

Kristina inspires students to begin preparing today for their best tomorrow—and tells why it’s so important. Key topics include future-focused decision making, how to plan for success, and what to do now to make a positive impact.

Overcoming Obstacles 

In this presentation, Kristina tackles issues that students face today and gives helpful advice for overcoming challenges. As she shares her own story of overcoming the odds, students will be motivated to push through whatever problems they are facing and go after their dreams. 


If you have a specific direction you’d like your presentation to go, please reach out for more information and to discuss creating a custom presentation for your event. Kristina covers a wide range of topics not listed, such as financial literacy and key principles, bullying, overcoming fear, and student leadership empowerment.

“Kristina’s presentation at our recent luncheon was amazing.  Her personal story of courage, perseverance and determination to overcome was inspirational and a story of hope for women and girls of all ages.  The practical steps she provided were on point and easy for our guest of all ages (ages 10 to 90 years of age) to implement in their daily lives!  Many in our audience were moved to tears and we have since received numerous comments from longtime supporters that Kristina was our best speaker to date and that her message was relevant to something they were going through currently.”

Linda Rhodes, Executive Director, The Womens Fund

“I cannot express enough how amazing Kristina was and how much our students enjoyed her presentation and presence.”

Christine, GEAR UP, University of Wyoming

Kristina Ellis is a consummate professional, sharing her experiences of hardship and overcoming the odds. Our audience of about 100 business, education, and community leaders, as well as parents were hanging on Kristina’s every word as she explained how students can go the extra mile to get noticed in the scholarship application process. She provides great information in a casual, caring and sometimes comical way. Her engaging presence would definitely make me want to see her speak again on different topics, and I think students would find her energizing and motivational.

 Kelley Mattlage, Chief Communications Officer, East Montgomery County Improvement District

“It was great having Kristina. The students really seemed to connect with her, proof of that was in the many relevant questions that they asked. She has a very dynamic and likable personality and definitely has that special something that draws people to her.  We wish her good luck and hope to work together again somewhere down the line.”

Jessica, Coordinator, New Jersey City University

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